Gerda Truubon's A/W 17 Collection Review

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Gerda Truubon’s A/W show was held at the Plaza Hotel on fifth ave; the perfect location to match

her equally elegant and luxurious collection. There were 15 total looks, each one with an air of class and femininity, and a touch of edginess.

The opening of the show started with one

singer and 3 backup dancers. They were all wearing white, lace, full length bodysuits that had a long skirt overlay. The singer’s booming voice and energy filled the room as press started snapping photos and videos.

There was a gorgeous lace jumpsuit in a beige color, with a plunging neckline and high shoulders. The jumpsuit had long sleeves and a studded belt to top it off. But my favorite look of the collection was a long dress with an symmetrical neckline and a one-shoulder long sleeve. There dress also included a wide opening at the front hitting just about the low hip. A beautiful addition to the dress was definitely the large two layer ruffle spouting from the neckline, hitting at the waist. This

gave a fullness and dramatic mood to the look. The high shoulder pad made the shoulder at least 3 inches higher at the edge, which made it look so chic. Of course the dress also had the silver studded trim used along the neckline, which fell down along the waist and along the leg as well.

Lace and mesh fabrics, front and back slits on dresses, giant ruffles, and off shoulder silhouettes were details that made this collection come together in such a cohesive way. Studded trims used as straps and belts were incorporated on all of the garments. Each one was silver and fell off the shoulders onto the back, front chest, or along the neckline. These studded trims took the sophistication of the look and made it a bit edgy as was a nice touch. As for the color story of the collection, there were mostly all neutral colors such as nude, white, off-white, earthy brown, and a touch of black.

The silhouettes were refreshingly diverse, hitting on not only dresses, but also jumpsuits, and matching top/skirt sets. The dresses had a range of silhouettes and styles, such as fitted with ruffles, maxi dresses with slits, long sleeves, one sleeved, off shoulder, and so on.

We caught up with Gerda Truubon after the show and asked her a few questions.

"We noticed you went with mostly neutral colors, with a pop of black. Why did you choose to go with that color story?"She responds with "I wanted to keep it neutral with blacks and whites and nudes, the black was maybe slightly less than what I wanted. I thought that the styles would pop out more with simple, neutral colors. It would make the styles look more clean." Well done Gerda! You succeeded.

"We loved the silhouettes of the garments. We saw a lot of fitted dresses, jumpsuits, sexy styles like plunging necklines and daring slits. Why did you choose to go that direction?" Gerda Truubon replies "I like to keep it quite sexy and elegant. It's an edgier collection, so it's got the more girlie ruffles and the studs, so it's rough and feminine at the same time."

To sum up the collection, it looked very polished, classic, edgy, and chic. Each look had a different energy and feel, and they were all were beautifully made. The construction was flawless, from front row to far away.


Arianna Levesque

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